Cushy Lips Plumper and Gloss FAQ

1: What does Cushy Lips lip plumper do?

A: Cushy Lips lip plumper ensures plumper, softer lips and a definite decrease of age lines. Cushy Lips lip plumper helps nourish and soften your lips, to keep them full and youthful. If you apply lipstick overtop of Cushy Lips lip plumper, it will not run or show lines.

2: How long does it take for Cushy Lips Lip Plumper to work?

A: You will experience an immediate effect with Cushy Lips Lip Plumper. It starts to work as soon as you apply it and your lips will become fuller and fuller the more you use it. Most women report that they achieve their “fullest lips ever” within one to three weeks of using Cushy Lips on a daily basis. The longer you use Cushy Lips, the better the effect you will see!

3: What kind of results can I expect from Cushy Lips lip plumper?

A: All results vary for every individual because they depend on the capability of your lips to absorb the product. The more your lips are able to absorb, the greater the effect you will experience and thus the faster, and more pronounced, the results will be. However, for all of our users increases are significant enough to be noticed, on average between 1-3mm. It will take time though to reach your maximum fullness, and in most cases you will need to use Cushy Lips lip plumper for a few weeks to get maximum results.

4: When I apply Cushy Lips Lip Plumper, my lips tingle or sometimes feel warm. Is this a normal reaction to the product?

The active ingredients in Cushy Lips lip plumper causes your blood vessels to expand in your skin. This will cause increased blood circulation to your lips, which in turn can make your lips feel slightly warmer than usual, or even tingle. This means the product is working and soon you will be seeing fuller, sensual lips when you look in the mirror.

5: Sometimes my lips get red after applying Cushy Lips lip plumper, is this an allergic reaction?

A: No! It is completely normal that your lips may get a little more pink or red than they normally are. This is caused by the increased blood circulation to the vessels underneath your skin. The ingredients in Cushy Lips lip plumper cause this effect in order for your lips to naturally swell up and become fuller. The slight increase in color is natural, and will enhance the sexy look of your fuller lips even more!

6: What are the ingredients of Cushy Lips lip plumper?

A: The active ingredients of Cushy Lips lip plumper are listed on our ingredients page.

7: How long will an order of Cushy Lips lip plumper last?

A: if you apply Cushy Lips lip plumper twice a day one order could last from 1 to 2 months on average.

8: How should I use Cushy Lips lip plumper?

A: You can use Cushy Lips lip plumper anytime during the day to give your lips and instant boost of moisture and plumping power. Apply the Cushy Lips lip gloss anytime for larger, glossier lips instantaneously.

If you also apply some Cushy Lips lip plumper before bed, the product can be absorbed while you sleep so you wake up with fuller, sexier lips than you went to bed with.

9: Does Cushy Lips lip plumper have any side effects?

A: No! The product has been tested and does not give any side effects. Do test an area on your arm first to see if you have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Generally the product is well received by our clients, and it is not dangerous or painful like injections or cosmetic procedures used to achieve fuller lips.

10: For whom is Cushy Lips lip plumper intended?

A: All women can use Cushy Lips lip plumper, and it will show results in any age group. If you have naturally dry lips that could stand to be fuller, then Cushy Lips lip plumper is perfect for you! If you want to achieve full, sexy lips naturally without having to go through harsh and dangerous cosmetic procedures, then Cushy Lips lip plumper is for you.

11: Can I still use my other lip products?

A: Yes, you can continue to use lipstick or chap sticks. But you will find that you may need them less now that your lips look naturally fuller and have a healthy vibrant color to them.

12: Is Cushy Lips lip plumper different from other products?

A: Yes, many lip plumpers on the market contain harsh chemicals that can dry out your lips. Some products will try to make your lips look fuller, without actually plumping them from the inside. Cushy Lips lip plumper will make your lips fuller, not just look fuller while also nourishing them for a healthy, sexy look.

13: Can I apply too much?

A: No. You should use Cushy Lips lip plumper at least twice a day for optimal results.

14: Can I apply too little?

A: Yes, you should apply one layer of Cushy Lips lip plumper at least twice a day for optimal results. If applied too infrequently, results will not be as obvious.

15: Can I use it over my lipstick?

A: No, your lipstick is a barrier to Cushy Lips lip plumper, which means the ingredients will not be fully absorbed by your lips. You can apply Cushy Lips lip plumper first, and then after a few minutes apply your lipstick as usual.

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